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Natural High Paragliding

Tandem Paragliding

You will be flying with a trained, high experience pilot certified by the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.   When you arrive the pilot will explain the flying process and review everything you need to know.   Safety is always our number one concern and the pilot will review all safety checks and procedures.   The pilot will explain how the glider works both on the ground prior to launching, while flying and when landing.  All that is required of the passenger is that they are able to run a few steps prior to launching and listen to any instructions from the pilot while in the air.  The passenger will be seated in a comfortable chair harness which is attached to the pilot harness and the paraglider wing.   If conditions are favorable, the passenger has an interest they may have an opportunity to steer the glider under the supervision and coaching of the pilot.  


Unlike skydiving, paragliders are flying before your feet even leave the ground.  There is nothing to open once airborne and the flights last much longer.  Tandem flights usually last 15-30 minutes but the amount of time in the air varies depending on location and weather conditions.   Don’t miss this opportunity to see the beauty of the California Central Coast from the air.



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