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P2 Certification - $1750



The P2 program includes all training, ground school, reading materials, testing required and tandem flights.  The first few days of training you will be using the school’s equipment until we can determine what type of flying you are interested in doing and what goals you have for your future flying.  We will recommend equipment which is “right” for you based on your goals, your weight and size, your budget, and our knowledge of the various wings, harnesses and other equipment available across the world.   Do not buy equipment online since it may not be appropriate for your size, skill level or goals.  The improvement in wing and harness design over the years has been incredible.  Modern paragliders are able to fly faster, turn better and remain in the air longer while having more passive safety than any other time in history.   


Your coach is a highly experience pilot/instructor certified by the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.   Your will learn how to safely launch, land and operate the paraglider.  Students study the weather and learn when it is safe to fly for their level of experience.   In addition to all P2 training requirements, you will have the opportunity to fly with your instructor as a tandem passenger to get a greater understanding prior to taking your first solo flight from the mountain.   During the flight training portion of your lessons, your instructor will provide coaching and feedback via a 2-way radio while you are in the air.   Once certified, you are always welcome back for additional training or just to come fly with us.  The paragliding community consists of people of all ages from all walks of life with one thing in common.  We love to fly.  You will be welcomed into our community and find new life-long friends.  In addition, we have pilot friends all over the country and the world so we can hook you up with other experienced pilots when you travel or return home to another area.   


Don’t hesitate to call us 805-550-2552.  We are all happy to share our love of flying and answer any questions you may have. 


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