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Get Out and Fly More

After your initial certification and training program the fun and excitement has just begun.  This is just short list of some of the possibilities.  Contact us for more information or with any questions. 



We organize paragliding tours across the country and around the world and partner with a number of highly regarded schools, pilots and instructors.   


Cross Country Flying

Cross country and thermal clinics are offered though out the year locally and at various locals across the country and the world.


Hike and fly

Although not for everyone, many pilots enjoy combining their love of hiking with their passion for flying.   Hike up to launch and fly down.



Vol-Biv is a combination of cross county flying and backpacking/camping.   Much more popular in other parts of the world, there is an increased interest and group of pilots participating in this incredible experience in the US. 


SIV Clinics

SIV clinics provide pilots with additional safety training.  In most cases you are towed up behind a boat and are able to have the altitude to practice safety maneuver under the supervision and coaching of a highly qualified specialist.  This is also where pilots learn acrobatic maneuvers once they get the safety training complete.  



There are fly-ins and competitions across the country and across the world.  Many of these events are appropriate for beginners and give pilots an opportunity to meet other pilots, make new friends and practice flying in other places,  


Advanced ratings

Our P2 pilots are never charged for advanced ratings and are part of the P2 program.   There is a training and evaluation charge for pilot who did not complete our P2 program when obtaining a P3 or P4 rating.   Safety is always our main concern and we take our responsibilities very seriously.  We want to ensure all pilots beginners through advanced are well prepared and qualified for the rating they seek.


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